4th International Exhibition And Conference On Steel Industry | January 22-24, 2019, Mumbai Exhibition Center, Mumbai

Conference Agenda

The India Steel 2019 conference will feature a Two-day program with technical presentations, plant tours and keynote presentations by today's business leaders. The program will showcase advancements in all phases of ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and finishing processes, and the various engineering, equipment and process technologies involved in today's steel production.

Program Development and Topics

India Steel Conference programs are developed by Technology Committee members representing iron and steel producers, their allied suppliers and related academia. Committees focus on ironmaking, steelmaking, finishing processes, and various engineering and equipment technologies.

Sessions currently being developed focus on the following topics:

  • Demand Dynamics for Indian Steel Industry: This session would focus on demand drivers, defining the growth trajectory of Indian Steel Industry. It would also highlight projections for steel demand in the decade ahead across sectors like construction, automobile, smart city etc.
  • Role of Logistics in Indian Steel Industry: The session would highlight significance of supportive logistics in the industry to meet its growing demand for moving finished steel as well as the input materials. Highlighting upon the logistics, both as a mover as well as the consumer of steel, it would also showcase the logistics map across the steel plants of India
  • Technology Solutions for Enhancing Productivity & Efficiency: There is no denying the fact that technology can be a real game changer across steel making. Modern steelmaking process relies on advanced technologies for attaining cost advantages, raw material efficiencies and enhancing productivity with resultant increase in profitability. This session would present the latest innovative technologies that are set to bring a change in the Indian steel industry in the decade ahead.
  • Key Enablers for Indian Steel Industry: The session aims to highlight key enabling factors defining & supporting the growth of Indian Steel Industry upto 2030, including raw material sufficiency, capital availability, skill enhancement among others
  • Steel at the core of Green Economy: Highlighting upon the sustainable and recycling properties of steel, the session would discuss role of steel industry in building & sustaining a green economy
  • Steel of Tomorrow: Special & Stainless Steel: The session would highlight upon growing relevance of special & stainless steel in India; its demand & supply dynamics in the decade ahead